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My name is Kevin Johnson, I graduated from Washington University in Saint Louis last May, and will be matriculating to New York Medical College this fall. During my gap year, I worked for the National Foot and Ankle Center (NFAC) which was a transformative experience for me. Working as a scribe and medical assistant makes for a fast-paced work environment that demands a great deal but is highly rewarding and provides great clinical experience.

At NFAC I was able to learn a great deal on how medicine is done, including the intricacies of medical decision making through physician observation, how patient visits are documented, and how the billing system works in a small private practice. This exposure helped me begin thinking about patient visits in a similar manner to a medical professional would, and helped me better understand how the medical system works.

Through watching countless patient visits with Dr. Engorn and Dr. Polun I am really impressed at the level of care provided here. They both strive to always provide the best patient care and I hope to emulate their philosophy when I become a physician. They were very flexible with me when I had to take time off for interviews and gave me great advice beforehand.

I also want to add that the staff here is very friendly. One thing that stood out to me was how everyone was eager to help me when I needed it. This job definitely challenged me every day, but having such supportive coworkers makes it a great learning environment. I’m going to miss everyone at National Foot and Ankle. 


MA/Scribe testimonial

 "I worked with Dr. Engorn as a medical assistant/medical scribe for 9 months at NFA. In that time, I learned about foot and ankle anatomy/surgical procedures in depth, as well as gained insight into how a private practice runs. Dr. Engorn always answered my questions and explained his thought process of treatment plans. His willingness to teach helped accelerate my knowledge in podiatry. Working at NFA solidified my passion for healthcare and made me certain this is the field where I want to pursue my career."

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As a medical scribe at National Foot and Ankle, I gained invaluable experiences that  led  me to  pursue a career in podiatric medic ine. Prior to working at NFA, I knew I wanted to work in hea lthcare , but my knowledge of podiatric  medicine  was fairly  limited. During  my first  week at NFA, I  was able to go  into the OR with Dr. Polun and observe a lapiplasty bunion correction and a wound  debridement.  The office is also equipped with a surgical suite that allows Dr. Polun and Dr. Engorn to perform minor procedures in office, providing convenience for patients and great learning  opportunities. Dr.  Polun  aims  to  offer  a variety of treatment options to his patie nts, as a resu lt , he uses innovative technology such as laser therapy for pain and stem cell therapy for injured tendons and  lig aments. One of the most gratifying aspects of the  job was to see these treatments be effective in treating  patient's  pain.  Podiatric  medicine encompasses  a wide range of specialties and Dr. Polun was eager to show  that to  me. I  always  had an  interest  in emergency medicine , so the possibility  of working  in  private practice while also  being able to take on trauma cases made podiatry an enticing field.

In addition to the clinical aspect, being a scribe taught me how to write SOAP notes, which is beneficial for a career as a future physician and a skill that I feel should be more heavily emphasized in medical school. Working closely with all members of the NFA team provided me some insight into what it takes to run a private practice. Listening to lectures about billing and coding and health insurance policies cannot compare to actually being in a private practice setting and personally witnessing the intricacies of the healthcare system. If you are interested in healthcare and excited and eager to learn, I believe that National Foot and Ankle would be a great environment to further explore those interests.



My name is Austin; a 1 st year student at Barry University's School of Podiatric Medicine. Before I started podiatry school last fall, I was fortunate enough to spend my undergraduate years working for National Foot & Ankle (NFAC) as a medical assistant (MA), medical scribe (MS), and MLS laser t echnician . The time I invested at NFAC with the doctors, employees, and patients was an incredible learning experience for me because I was able to watch, practice, and eventually teach others important technical skills related to medicine and professional social skills that can help improve the healthcare experience for both the providers and the patients. 

My experiences and interactions with the patients, other doctors, and employees have always been unique. Having such a close connection to NFAC inspires me to work hard and learn as much as I can in the time I have before I become a doctor. While learning how to take patient x­ rays, record info in the EMR, and properly use the MLS laser therapy, I was very impressed with the efficient workflow and friendly demeanor of the other employees towards the patients and myself. MAs like Kim, Karla, and Melina were incredibly talented  at teaching me how  to perform these tasks while simultaneously making the patients feel safe and comfortable. Also, I need to  thank MS April, who taught me everything I know about how to  scribe, a skill I will value for the rest of my professional medical career. 

Performing MLS laser therapy for patients is one of my favorite components of the NFAC work flow. For anyone interested in clinical work, being an MLS laser technician has taught me more than I could ever expect concerning patient care and how to think like a clinician.

Dr. Engorn and Dr. Polun would always invite me to observe cases to help prepare me for medical school and were always welcoming and supportive when I needed help or wanted to observe surgeries as well. They are both very talented podiatrists because they can be very detailed in their work while at the same time very sincere and understanding towards the patient's needs. I hope that after I graduate from podiatry school, I can elevate my skills to their level. I would like thank everyone at NFAC, I would not have made it this far without them.



Working at National Foot and Ankle Center was truly an amazing experience. I worked here as a medical and marketing intern for one summer. During my time at NFAC I learned so much about the practice of podiatry and Healthcare in general. I shadowed Dr. Polun in the OR to see a variety of surgeries and I attended meetings with drug representatives, which taught me so much about the ever-evolving nature of medicine. One of the things that really makes this experience stand out is that Dr. Polun and Dr. Engorn are eager to help you learn and give you experience in the medical field. This is so important as an aspiring doctor and they provide constant support and mentorship. Further, the staff at NFAC is very kind and efficient. The friendly and encouraging nature of everyone at NFAC makes it an easy place to learn and be a part of the healthcare process. This also helped gain valuable interactions with patients as Dr. Polun and Dr. Engorn treat everyone with
such a friendly demeanor. They taught me how to interact with patients and make them feel well accommodated during their visits. I am so grateful for this experience. I learned so much about medicine but also about how to properly treat patients. Dr. Polun and Dr. Engorn helped prepare me for medical school and gave me so many extra opportunities. This
experience is one of the reasons that made me want to pursue a career as a healthcare professional and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a medical internship.



My name is Vineet and my role at NFAC was as a medical assistant. I was trained in duties such as rooming patients, sanitizing equipment, assisting in taking X-rays, and dispensing prescribed medication. However, my primary
focus was as a laser technician on our MLS Laser. As a result of our duties, but especially through my work as a laser technician, I was able to have a direct impact on patient care. I gained an incredible amount of experience in patient interaction and developed the skills necessary for me as I advance to medical school. I will be continuing my education at the
West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine and I feel that my year at NFAC was the perfect stepping stone for any aspiring medical professional.

Medical experience can be gained through many forums, but what made my time at NFAC was the wonderful staff and the system they had in place. Since our staff size was small, we had a strong family atmosphere, which benefited not only the patients we treated, but me as well. Any future MA’s can expect to be well taken care of as they learn and adapt to their role as an MA. All the staff took excellent care of our patients and each other. I’m sure our patients would agree when I say that we gave them a level of attention that is not often seen in other doctor’s offices. Since an MA brings back patients to the exam room, I had the important role of setting the tone for the patient’s entire visit and the whole staff did a remarkable job in making a patient feel welcome and address all of their concerns. I will always cherish this opportunity and I am especially
grateful to Dr. Polun and Dr. Engorn for the opportunity.



National Foot & Ankle is a great place to work and learn! I worked as a Medical Scribe for close to a year. When I initially started working at National Foot & Ankle, one of the first things I noticed was the positive and friendly atmosphere along with the importance they place on their employees and patients. I worked mostly with Dr. Polun and seldomly with Dr. Engorn. Both of them were very helpful and willing to teach or answer any questions. Giving each patient excellent care was the goal at all times and every one worked to fulfill that primary objective which provided me with a highly rewarding learning and working experience. I learn a lot from the advanced medical treatments and procedures being done which includes 3D bunion correction surgery, MLS laser treatment and stem cell treatment. Part of the most fulfilling experiences for me as a Scribe is observing patients come in with a concern and watching them get better over time and documenting those changes was really key for me. I also learnt a lot about billing and coding in a private practice setting which is a valuable asset. In working closely with Dr. Polun, I observed how compassionate, empathetic, respectful and professional he is towards all his patients, you can easily tell he loves and enjoys what he is doing through his commitment and strong work ethic, which made me want to work hard each day.7

This was an amazing opportunity for me. I am so grateful for this experience because I learnt a lot of principles and I would take the great memories we made wherever I go. I really loved being a part of NFA and enjoyed working here with talented people, friendly colleagues, a strong team and the best bosses I ever had.



Working at National Foot and Ankle has been an excellent experience. It’s great to be surrounded by such friendly providers, staff, and patients day in and day out. I’m incredibly grateful to all of these groups alike for the friendship and wisdom they have passed down to me. During my tenure here, I’ve worn many hats. I’ve worked as a medical scribe, medical assistant, and MLS laser technician. Each of these roles, I believe, have helped me greatly in my preparation for a career as a clinician. The variety of my duties has allowed me to experience many different aspects of what is included in being a part of a successful medical practice. I will be attending Long Island University this fall as a student in their Physician Assistant studies program. I want to thank National Foot and Ankle as a whole for giving me the opportunity to work alongside many fantastic people and gain invaluable experience in providing high-quality patient care.



Working at National Foot and Ankle has been a great experience. I joined the practice straight out of residency and was provided the tools necessary to be successful. It is truly a top practice that allows you as a provider to offer the most up to date cutting edge treatments to your patients. It offers more than any other podiatry practice in this area. Dr. Polun is a role model and always willing to mentor his staff. He helped me grow as a physician and surgeon. His energy can be felt throughout the practice and felt by his patients and staff which provides for an enjoyable working environment. He has created a wonderful culture in the office which makes getting up and going to work a lot of fun. I have matured during my time here and know that I have left an everlasting impression on the community with the support of this organization. 



I had a rewarding and enriching experience working at National Foot and Ankle. As a medical assistant, I not only learned how to take x-rays and dispense medications, but also how to interact with patients, providers, and healthcare organizations. I believe that the aforementioned skills will help me become a better healthcare professional in the future. In addition to the myriad of learning opportunities at NFAC, I also appreciate how friendly and supportive the staff were - it was truly a great environment to learn from and work with such a knowledgeable and close-knit team. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning essential skills at NFAC and would recommend this as an internship opportunity for all budding medical professionals."

Thank you again for providing me with the opportunity to work at NFAC this summer - I am excited to come back soon!

Kavita Rajendran



During the summer, I worked as a medical assistant at National Foot & Ankle under Dr. Franklin Polun. This was one of the most valuable and enlightening experiences I have ever gained. Throughout this experience, I learned a lot of important skills such as customer service, clerical skills, patient care, and medical practice. I also understood more on what it takes to run a medical practice and how important the duties are for each employee. I was welcomed with open arms when starting and I was trained by my co-workers who were all very kind and willing to answer any questions I had. This was a wonderful opportunity and I am so grateful for this experience. I gained a lot of skills and principles that I will apply to future opportunities and I will cherish the great memories I made with my co-workers and Dr. Polun.

Anshuman Sarkar


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