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National Foot and Ankle's mission is to deliver excellent and compassionate health care to every patient every single time.

Dr. Polun is currently the only surgeon in the DC area that has successfully completed over 100 Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction™ surgeries. 

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Attention Potomac Village Patients, We've Moved! Our new location is Park Potomac. 12400 Park Potomac Ave. Potomac, MD 20854

The expertly trained and highly skilled podiatrists at National Foot & Ankle Center are dedicated to providing the most medically advanced and effective foot and ankle care available to residents in Washington, DC and the surrounding communities. They also maintain a caring and open environment in their clinic and believe that prompt diagnosis and early intervention, as well as prevention, are essential for the care and treatment of your feet and ankles.
To prepare for their specialty, podiatrists undergo extensive education and hands on training focused on maintaining the health and function of your feet and ankles. The providers at National Foot & Ankle Center combine their extensive training with a wealth of clinical experience to provide their patients the best podiatric care anywhere. They offer treatment for chronic complaints, acute injuries, and emergency care.
The podiatric specialists at National Foot & Ankle offer a broad range of services for essentially all your foot and ankle needs, including:
    • Sports injuries
    • Diabetic foot care
    • Heel and ankle pain
    • Achilles tendon injuries
    • Reconstructive surgery: Including minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery
    • Bunion treatment

      They also provide:

    • MLS laser therapy for inflammation and pain
    • Bone marrow aspiration
    • Amniotic Injections
    • Advanced wound care
    • Laser treatment for fungal toenails
Call for an appointment today or contact National Foot & Ankle Center via their online, patient-friendly scheduling service.
LAPIPLASTY® Procedure Patient Education Video

LAPIPLASTY® Procedure Patient Education Video


Dr. Franklin Polun was recently listed in the June 2018 issue of Washington magazine as one of the top doctors for sports injuries of the foot and ankle. He also received top votes for Podiatry, foot and ankle surgery for 2019.


 Melanoma Research Alliance Article


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Park Potomac

  • Pain Laser Therapy

    Using Light energy to stimulate living tissue to boost the body’s metabolism and healing process.

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We are excited to announce that Kurt Malkames, DPM has joined the team at National Foot & Ankle and is accepting new patients!

Dr. Kurt Malkames

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Watch Some Of Our Patient Success Stories!

Watch Some Of Our Patient Success Stories!

Lapiplasty® Procedure Patient Story - Laura (No Surgeon Interview)

Lapiplasty® Procedure Patient Story - Laura (No Surgeon Interview)




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