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Pain Laser Therapy Specialist
Dr. Franklin Polun pioneers the use of laser therapy to address the pain experienced by his patients from Potomac, Maryland and Friendship Heights, Washington DC. His innovative use of pain laser therapy helps his patients to recovery from injury and painful conditions to get back on their feet again.

Pain Laser Therapy

What is Laser Therapy?

MLS laser therapy uses light energy to stimulate living tissue to boost the body’s metabolism and healing process. MLS laser therapy works on your body similarly to the photosynthesis process used by green plants to draw nutrients from sunlight. The chromophores found in each of your cells has the same capacity to absorb light, provided there is a light source that can get there. MLS Laser Therapy has been specially developed and refined to provide that source of light energy. The benefits of laser therapy include pain reduction and anti-inflammatory effects, increased circulation and the development of new capillaries, and increased lymphatic drainage.

What Kind of Laser Therapy Does Dr. Polun Use to Treat Foot and Ankle Pain?

Dr. Polun uses MLS laser therapy to treat arthritis and other painful conditions that affect the feet and ankles. Laser therapy can be very effective in reducing the pain and swelling associated with arthritis, tendonitis, and fasciitis. Laser therapy has strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects that provide substantial pain relief. It increases circulation and lymphatic drainage, which bring nutrients and oxygen to the affected joints and draw away toxins respectively. MLS Laser therapy offers patients safe, effective, drug-free relief for painful podiatric conditions. If your feet and ankles hurt, make an appointment with Dr. Polun to see if laser therapy will help with your discomfort.

What Happens During Treatment?

Pain laser therapy is a relatively quick treatment. You will sit in a comfortable treatment chair and Dr. Polun will use a handheld device to direct the laser to the parts of your feet or ankles that require treatment. Treatment is painless and some patients experience a warming sensation. Most patients have a course of 7-10 treatments to find full relief although most patients experience a reduction in pain, swelling, and inflammation after 1-3 treatments with further cumulative improvements over time. Even if you experience pain relief, it is important to complete the full course of treatment to ensure long lasting pain relief.

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